ZIM-Cooperation Network "Hybrid Systems with Printed Electronics"

(Hidronik) - 1st funding phase

Aim and Motivation

In the ZIM-Cooperation Network "Hidronik" hybrid concepts, products and materials are developed, which combine the advantages of printed and conventional electronics. The network brings together suitable partners, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and research institutions with complementary competences. By means of joint research and development projects, appropriate solutions are then developed and subsequently marketed.

Hidronik is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy as part of the Central Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Businesses (ZIM).

Markets and Industries

In the future, a growing demand for "smart" products can be expected, which react flexibly to environmental conditions or user requirements or communicate with each other (Internet of Things). Hybrid technologies have great potential, e.g. in the application fields of automotive, energy, buildings, white goods, consumer electronics, textiles, logistics, lighting, packaging and health/pharmaceuticals.

Customer Advantages

Printed electronics is particularly suitable for the seamless and cost-effective integration of corresponding electronics. It can be applied to thin, flexible, stretchable and lightweight substrates, making it easy and seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of applications. In addition, it can be manufactured using additive manufacturing processes, with the advantages of low material consumption, scalable production or even the manufacture of customized products in small quantities.

Printed electronics is thus a technology for the material-saving, efficient and cost-effective realization of smart and at the same time slim products - and a real opportunity for German medium-sized businesses!


Gedruckte Photovoltaikelemente als Überdachung; Foto: W. Mildner

Printed photovoltaic elements as roofing
Photo: W. Mildner

Beleuchtung mit eingebetteten LEDs und
gedruckten Leiterbahnen;  Foto: Neotech AMT GmbH

Lighting with embedded LEDs and
printed circuit boards;  Photo: Neotech AMT GmbH

Flexible Displaylösung;  Foto: W. Mildner

     Flexible display solution
     Photo: W. Mildner

Gesundheitsmonitoring per Sensorik in Textilien; Foto: W. Mildner

    Health monitoring by sensor technology in
    textiles;  Photo: W. Mildner